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Update in intensive care medicine: ultrasound in the critically ill patient. Clinical applications

Edited by Ana Ochagavía - Hospital Universitario de Bellvitge. L'Hospitalet de Llobregat. Barcelona. Spain.

Currently, ultrasound constitutes a fundamental tool in the evaluation of critically ill patients by providing real-time information at the bedside. The very first sonographic techniques implemented into intensive care unit (ICU) setting were echocardiography and cranial ultrasonography. In recent years, other ultrasound modalities, such as pleuropulmonary ultrasound, vascular ultrasound, and abdominal ultrasound, have rapidly joined the ICU setting. All these techniques contribute to improving the diagnostic and therapeutic process of different diseases and conditions in critically ill patients. The impact of the addition of ultrasound to the ICU setting not only touches the clinical setting but also the educational and research backgrounds. In this supplement of Medicina Intensiva, a series of review articles related to the clinical application of different ultrasound modalities have been compiled. The topics of discussion go from the evaluation of shock using ultrasound to the utility of ultrasound in patients with ECMO or the utility of ultrasonography in common ICU procedures. The fundamental objective of these articles is to provide practical information, aimed at all health professionals treating critically ill patients on a routine basis, on the applications and future challenges of ultrasound.
Introduction to the update series: update in intensive care medicine: ultrasound in the critically ill patient. Clinical applications
Ana Ochagavía, Virginia Fraile, Lluis Zapata
Med Intensiva. 2023;47:526-8
Open Article
Role of ultrasound in acute respiratory failure and in the weaning of mechanical ventilation
Luis Zapata, Rafael Blancas, Isabel Conejo-Márquez, Marina García-de-Acilu
Med Intensiva. 2023;47:529-42
Open Article
Pleuropulmonary and diaphragmatic ultrasound in intensive care medicine
Diego Aníbal Rodríguez Serrano, Purificación Pérez Terán, Rafael Blancas, Marta Arroyo
Med Intensiva. 2023;47:594-602
Open Article
Abdominal ultrasound and VExUS score in critical care
Laura Galarza Barrachina, Laura Colinas Fernández, Rafael Martín Bermúdez, Adela Fernández Galilea, Luis Martín-Villén
Med Intensiva. 2023;47:658-67
Open Article
Ultrasonography and procedures in intensive care medicine
Pablo Blanco, Anselmo Abdo-Cuza, Elena Abril Palomares, Cristina Martínez Díaz, Virginia Fraile Gutiérrez
Med Intensiva. 2023;47:717-32
Open Article
Role of ultrasound in the critical ill patient with ECMO
Luis Martin-Villen, Rafael Martin-Bermudez, Helena Perez-Chomon, Mari Paz Fuset Cabanes
Med Intensiva. 2024;48:46-55
Open Article
Ultrasound use after cardiac surgery
Andrés Carrillo López, Celina Llanos Jorge, Juan José Jiménez Rivera, Fernando Clau-Terre
Med Intensiva. 2024;48:103-19
Open Article
Transcranial sonography in the critical patient
Juan Antonio Llompart-Pou, Laura Galarza, Rosario Amaya-Villar, Daniel Agustín Godoy
Med Intensiva. 2024;48:165-73
Open Article
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