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Descriptive analysis of SARS-CoV-2 pandemia impact on pediatric intensive care unit admissions
A. García-Salido, I. Leoz-Gordillo, M.Á. García-Teresa, M.I. Iglesias-Bouzas, A. Martínez de Azagra-Garde, M. Nieto-Moro
Available online 6 May 2022
Pulmonary toxicity by oxygen and COVID-19
A. León-Jiménez, E. Vázquez-Gandullo, F. Montoro-Ballesteros
Available online 6 May 2022
Quantitative pupillometry as a tool to predict post-cardiac arrest neurological outcome in target temperature patients
A. Blandino Ortiz, J. Higuera Lucas, C. Soriano, R. de Pablo
Available online 6 May 2022
Reply to “Pulmonary toxicity by oxygen and COVID-19”
A. Belenguer-Muncharaz, H. Hernández-Garcés
Available online 6 May 2022
SARS-CoV2 bilateral pneumonia: Chest X-ray evolution
A. Álvarez Méndez, P. Matía Almudévar, S. Álvarez Hernández
Available online 6 May 2022
Use of the ROX index in the assessment of success of high-flow oxygen therapy in secondary hypoxemia to type 2 coronavirus
A. González-Castro, A. Fajardo Campoverde, A. Roncalli Rocha
Available online 6 May 2022
Methadone as a rescue drug for difficult-to-sedate critically ill patients suffering from ARDS related to SARS-CoV-2 infection
R. Fernández-Tobar, C. Chamorro-Jambrina, M. Pérez-Torres, B. Castiñeiras-Amor, S. Alcántara-Carmona, M.A. Romera-Ortega
Available online 13 March 2022
Ventriculoatrial catheter migration
M. López Sánchez, M.J. Domínguez Artiga, M. Ortiz Lasa
Available online 10 March 2022
Is the reduction of opiates in the critic patient really possible?
M. García Sánchez, S. Alcántara Carmona
Available online 8 March 2022
Chronic critical illness, how to manage it?
A. García-de-Lorenzo, J.M. Añón, M.J. Asensio, P. Burgueño
Available online 6 March 2022
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