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Vol. 46. Issue 12.
Pages 669-732 (December 2022)
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Original articles
Determinants of mortality in cancer patients with unscheduled admission to the Intensive Care Unit: A prospective multicenter study
M.L. Cantón-Bulnes, M. Jiménez-Sánchez, S. Alcántara-Carmona, R. Gimeno-Costa, J.Á. Berezo-García, C. Beato, F. Álvarez-Lerma, S. Mojal, P. Olaechea, F. Gordo-Vidal, J. Garnacho-Montero
Med Intensiva. 2022;46:669-79
Assessment of the implementation of safe medication practices in Intensive Medicine Units
M.J. Otero, P. Merino de Cos, I. Aquerreta Gónzalez, M. Bodí, E. Domingo Chiva, S.M. Marrero Penichet, R. Martín Muñoz, M.C. Martín Delgado
Med Intensiva. 2022;46:680-9
Effects of sodium bicarbonate infusion on mortality in medical–surgical ICU patients with metabolic acidosis—A single-center propensity score matched analysis
J. Waskowski, B. Hess, L. Cioccari, I. Irincheeva, C.A. Pfortmueller, J.C. Schefold
Med Intensiva. 2022;46:690-9
Open access
Open Article
Update in intensive care medicine: severe infections due to multi-resistant gram-negative bacilli
Treatment of Acinetobacter baumannii severe infections
R. Reina, C. León-Moya, J. Garnacho-Montero
Med Intensiva. 2022;46:700-10
Point of view
How do I ventilate patients with ARDS: Goal-directed mode selection
E. Mireles-Cabodevila
Med Intensiva. 2022;46:711-5
Scientific letters
Accidental hypothermia: New clinical classification with the swiss revised system
M.L. Avellanas Chavala
Med Intensiva. 2022;46:716-7
Functional status of recovered critical COVID-19 patients: An assessment of a convalescent cohort
L. Sousa, L. Dias, L. Santos, A. Silva-Pinto
Med Intensiva. 2022;46:718-9
A new classification to identify risk of reintubation
C. Subira, R. Fernández, M. Batlle, C. Alegre, S. Cano
Med Intensiva. 2022;46:720-1
What is the pressure to follow?: Driving pressure versus Tidal pressure
A. González-Castro, V. Modesto i Alapont, A. Fernandez, A. Medina Villanueva, E. Cuenca Fito, Y. Peñasco
Med Intensiva. 2022;46:722-3
Letter to the editor
The customization of mechanical ventilation: Yes, but… Keep calm
A. González-Castro, V. Modesto, A. Medina
Med Intensiva. 2022;46:724-5
Images in intensive medicine
Cardiac resynchronization therapy rapid reponse in a dilated cardiomyopathy due to Chagas disease
J. Navarro Martínez, I. Keituqwa Yáñez, S. Nicolás Franco
Med Intensiva. 2022;46:726-7
Tracheal rupture caused by mediastinal lymphoma: A case report
V. Lorenzo Martín, M. Rodrigo Garzón, L. Santana-Cabrera
Med Intensiva. 2022;46:728
Diagnosis of pneumothorax, non-visualized in post-anterior chest radiography, by pulmonary ultrasound
P. Morales-Arandojo, D. Gónzález-Diego, A. Alonso-Ojembarrena
Med Intensiva. 2022;46:729-30
Echocardiography features of non-compaction cardiomyopathy
R. Molina Lobo, I. Conejo Márquez, C. Hermosa Gelbard
Med Intensiva. 2022;46:731-2
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