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Infection in the critically ill patient. Challenges for prevention, diagnosis and treatment

Edited by Federico Gordo - Medicina Intensiva del Hospital Universitario del Henares (Coslada-Madrid)

Medicina Intensiva is launching a new series of summaries that address specific topics of interest. In this summary we have grouped articles related to infection in critically ill patients, addressing infection both as the cause of critical illness and as a problem associated with patient care. Infectious disease poses a permanent challenge in the fight to secure patient health and survival in clinically delicate situations. This series of articles examines the complexity of these infections, highlighting the crucial importance of prevention, early diagnosis and adequate treatment in all cases, particularly in those situations characterized by the appearance of antibiotic resistance.

Infections in the critically ill not only add complexity to clinical management but can also have serious consequences if not dealt with quickly and precisely. Prevention, early detection and adequate treatment are the cornerstones for improving the prognosis and reducing the sequelae that subsequently impact the quality of life in these vulnerable individuals.

The summary focuses on different types of infections, different prevention and treatment strategies. It opens the door to possible future applications of artificial intelligence in the early identification of infections, the analysis of patterns, and the optimization of treatment, which are likely to greatly change how we address such critical situations in the future.

The problem of multi-resistance in gram-negative bacilli in intensive care units: Treatment and prevention strategies
J. Garnacho-Montero, R. Amaya-Villar
Med Intensiva. 2022;46:326-35
Open Article
Resistance mechanisms in Gram-negative bacteria
J.A. Lepe, L. Martínez-Martínez
Med Intensiva. 2022;46:392-402
Open Article
Treatment of severe multi-drug resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa infections
E. Díaz Santos, C. Mora Jiménez, L. del Río-Carbajo, P. Vidal-Cortés
Med Intensiva. 2022;46:508-20
Open Article
Impact of Aspergillus spp. isolation in the first 24 hours of admission in critically ill patients with severe influenza virus pneumonia
L. Claverias, X. Daniel, I. Martín-Loeches, P. Vidal-Cortez, F. Gómez-Bertomeu, S. Trefler, R. Zaragoza, M. Borges-Sa, ... on behalf of the GETGAG/SEMICYUC Working Group
Med Intensiva. 2022;46:426-35
Open Article
Treatment of severe infections caused by ESBL or carbapenemases-producing Enterobacteriaceae
G. Lombardi, E.S. Tanzarella, S.L. Cutuli, G. De Pascale
Med Intensiva. 2023;47:34-44
Open Article
Treatment of Acinetobacter baumannii severe infections
R. Reina, C. León-Moya, J. Garnacho-Montero
Med Intensiva. 2022;46:700-10
Open Article
Antibiotics in development for multiresistant gram-negative bacilli
A. Rodríguez, G. Moreno, M. Bodi, I. Martín-Loeches
Med Intensiva. 2022;46:630-40
Open Article
Does chlorhexidine reduce the incidence of ventilator-associated pneumonia in ICU patients? A systematic review and meta-analysis
J.C. Cruz, C.K. Martins, J.E.V. Piassi, I.R. Garcia Júnior, J.F. Santiago Junior, L.P. Faverani
Med Intensiva. 2023;47:437-44
Open Article
Impact of the “Zero Resistance” program on acquisition of multidrug-resistant bacteria in patients admitted to Intensive Care Units in Spain. A prospective, intervention, multimodal, multicenter study
Francisco Álvarez-Lerma, Mercedes Catalán-González, Joaquín Álvarez, Miguel Sánchez-García, Mercedes Palomar-Martínez, Inmaculada Fernández-Moreno, José Garnacho-Montero, Fernando Barcenilla-Gaite, ... Montserrat Martínez-Alonso
Med Intensiva. 2023;47:193-202
Open Article
Preventive isolation criteria for the detection of multidrug-resistant bacteria in patients admitted to the Intensive Care Unit: A multicenter study within the Zero Resistance program
Sulamita Carvalho-Brugger, Mar Miralbés Torner, Gabriel Jiménez Jiménez, Oihane Badallo, Francisco Álvares Lerma, Javier Trujillano, Franciso Xavier Nuvials Casals, Mercedes Palomar
Med Intensiva. 2023;47:629-37
Open Article
Four cases of unexpected severe community-acquired pneumonia aetiology: Group A Streptococcus pyogenes disruption
Mónica Talavera, Almudena Martínez, Carlos Vicent, Juan Frasquet, Ángel Orera, Paula Ramírez
Med Intensiva. 2023;47:475-7
Open Article
Selective decontamination of the digestive tract: concept and application
Eva Esther Tejerina-Álvarez, Miguel Ángel de la Cal López
Med Intensiva. 2023;47:603-15
Open Article
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